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Use's free fundraising APIs to create innovative nonprofit experiences.

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To get started working with our APIs, go to to create an account (if you haven't already) and access your developer dashboard.

Our Open APIs

The Nonprofit Search API allows you to incorporate search of over 1 million 501(c)(3) organizations into your website's API, get metadata about each nonprofit, and create a donate link for others to quickly donate. See an example of it in action at

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Nonprofit Search API


Our Fundraisers API allows you to programtically create fundraisers for the nonprofits on You can share the fundraiser links with donors and then track how much each fundraiser has raised, making it easy to build nonprofit fundraising into your own app.

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Fundraisers API

The open-source Donate button provides a beautiful donation experience so that you can accept donations for your nonprofit on your website immediately, just by copying in a code snippet into your webpage.

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Donate Button

This documentation describes how to link to the donate flow for a nonprofit on The link includes parameters that you can use to pre-fill information like donation amount and frequency. Other parameters let you control aspects of the donation flow like whether a background shows up or if the donor should be redirected back to your site after completing their gift.

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Donate link


Webhooks enable you to get notified every time one of your donors completes a donation. The Nonprofit Donation Webhook enables nonprofit admins to get notified about donations to their nonprofit, while the Partner Webhook enables developers to get notified about donations made via their Donate Link.

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Partners using our APIs

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