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Donate Link

The Donate link provides an interface for facilitating donations to nonprofits via Compared to the Donate Button, the donate link provides more configurability over the donation flow on as well as more control over the experience in your own website or app.

The basic format of a Donate link is as follows:<nonprofit-identifier>#donate

The nonprofit-identifier token can be replaced by either the nonprofit’s primary slug (which you might have if you’re using Nonprofit Search API) or with the nonprofit’s EIN.


The link can also be customized with the following URL parameters which control various aspects of the donation experience.

  • amount - specify donation amount.

  • suggestedAmounts - specify a comma-separated list of up to five suggested donation amounts that will appear as buttons below the amount input field.

  • min_value - specify a minimum value for the donation

  • frequency - specify donation frequency. Allowed values are ONCE or MONTHLY

  • email - specify donor's email

  • first_name - specify donor's first name.

  • last_name - specify donor's last name.

  • description - customize the text on the nonprofit's card in the donation modal.

  • no_exit - If specified (with any value), then the background of the donation modal will be hidden.

  • success_url - specify a url to which to redirect the user after they have successfully completed their donation.

  • exit_url - specify the url to which to redirect the user after clicking the exit button without completing donation

  • partner_donation_id - Specify a unique ID that you want to be associated with this donation.

  • partner_metadata - a base64 encoded json object that will be forwarded to you in the partner webhook notification.

  • require_share_info - If present, requires that the donor share their contact info for the donation.

  • share_info - Set whether sharing info is checked by default.

  • designation - Specify the designation for the donation. Note that grants are unrestricted, so this is only a recommendation to the nonprofit, not a legal restriction.

  • webhook_token - Specify the token associated with your Partner Webhook. Including this parameter will cause a notification to be sent to your webhook for every donation completed via this donate link.

  • theme_color - Customize the primary theme color of the donation modal.

  • method - Specify the allowed donation methods. Allowed values are card, bank, paypal, venmo, pay (mobile payments), crypto, stocks, daf, and gift (gift cards). Multiple options can be specified using commas: i.e. card,bank,paypal.


Replace with to create links that work against our staging environment. In the staging environment you can use the following test credit card credentials to verify functionality without spending real money:

Credit card #: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiration date: 04/24

CVC code: 242

Zip code: 42424

Examples - A simple donate link for GiveDirectly. - A donate link for GiveDirectly that uses their EIN as the identifier. - A donate link for GiveDirectly that specifies a monthly donation of $10. - A donate link that hides the donation modal background and redirects the donor to when they complete their donation.