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Nonprofit Search

The Nonprofit Search API enables you to leverage our nonprofit databases and search infrastructure in your project.


Current version: v0.2

We currently have three endpoints:

  • Get details about a nonprofit: GET /v0.2/nonprofit/:identifier
    • identifier can be a slug, EIN, or nonprofit ID
  • Search nonprofits: GET /v0.2/search/:searchTerm
  • Browse nonprofits: GET /v0.2/browse/:cause


To use API endpoints, you need to get a public API key to send along with requests - please request one by email [email protected] and explaining your use case and expected traffic.

This can be used client side or server side, the api key can be made publicβ€” it is not a secret, though we reserve the right to block api keys at any time if there is inappropriate usage.

Endpoint reference​

GET /v0.2/nonprofit/:identifier​

Get data about a nonprofit from the API.


JavaScript fetch​
curl ""

GET /v0.2/search/:searchTerm​

This is designed for very low latency and high throughput, so we recommend using it client side and calling on every single key stroke so that as people type these see nonprofit names appear in realtime. For an example of this suggested UX in action, check out or

Once you have an API key, then include it as a query parameter called apiKey like so, replacing the key with your real one:


JavaScript fetch​
curl ""


Number of results​

Use the take parameter to specify the number of results to return. Maximum value is 50.

Filter by cause​

You can filter the nonprofits returned by the search endpoint by using the causes parameter.

You can query for multiple causes by joining them with a ,, i.e. with causes=humans,environment, which will perform an OR filter and return nonprofits that match either the humans or environment causes.

Click here to learn more about causes and view the latest list of valid causes.

Note this parameter used to be called tags, but it was renamed to causes to be more consistent with existing terminology. To ensure backwards compatibility, the tags parameter name will continue to work as expected, but we encourage you to use / upgrade to causes if possible.

GET /v0.2/browse/:cause​

This endpoint returns nonprofits associated with a given cause. Use it to let your users browse through nonprofits focused on a specific topic.

Click here to learn more about causes and view the latest list of valid causes.


JavaScript fetch​
curl ""


Results per page​

Use the take parameter to specify the number of results to return per page. Maximum value is 100.

Page number​

Use the page parameter to specify which page of results you want returned.

Response types

Search returns a JSON response with the following format:

"nonprofits": [
"name": "Homeward Pet Adoption Center",
"profileUrl": "",
"description": "Our Homeward Pet's mission is to transform the lives of cats and dogs in need through compassionate medical care, positive behavior training, and successful adoption while building a more humane community.",
"ein": "911526803",
"logoCloudinaryId": "faja_profile/yx2bf7ajag59igzhv7uk",
"logoUrl": ",w_24,h_24,dpr_2/c_crop,ar_24:24/q_auto,f_auto,fl_progressive/faja_profile/yx2bf7ajag59igzhv7uk",
"matchedTerms": ["pet"]
}, ...

Please use the name and logoUrl to show people a realtime preview of nonprofits they could choose. Please send as many people as possible to give using the profileUrl :)

Rate limits​

We strive to keep this API open and available for use without restrictions. However in order to prevent abuse we apply the following limits to each endpoint by default:

  • Nonprofit details: 100 requests / minute / key
  • Search: 500 requests / minute / key
  • Browse: 500 requests / minute / key

If you need higher rate limits, please contact us at [email protected].